Trusted environment for entrepreneurs to reflect and receive peer feedback

Peerdea provides entrepreneurs social support for their business and professional development. It provides a trusted space for entrepreneurs to reflect on their goals and hold peers accountable through peer feedback.

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What is Peerdea?

  • Trust
  • Reflection
  • Accountability

Trust: Peerdea is a peer support app specifically designed for small groups of entrepreneurs to ask questions to each other, share ideas, and get early feedback. It is a place to keep ideas safe and Peerdea ensures an encouraging environment as well.

Reflection: Peerdea provides physical journals to entrepreneurs to help and enable them to reflect on their entrepreneurial journey.

Accountability: Peerdea enables ongoing asynchronous peer support. This is helpful for place-based entrpreneur networks, such as incubators or makerspaces to continue support when not physically at the markerspace.

Why Peerdea?

Improves Business Outcomes

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Peers can provide effective feedback since they have similar experiences

Instigate Reflection & Awareness

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Individual journaling helps you keep track of your progress and better reflect for future improvement

Boost Self-confidence

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Peers can provide social support and groups can regularly reflect on positive progress together

How Peerdea Works

What our community partners say:

"Peerdea makes formative feedback seeking accessible to creative entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds by emphasizing shared contexts and trustful relationships…the app has not only made it possible for our incubated companies to communicate with each other in between workshops, it has also provided the necessary scaffolding, informed by learning sciences, for them to ask for formative feedback and support on their ventures."

What our entrepreneurs say:

" [Asking for feedback] was very kind…[Entrepreneurs] were like, ‘Wow, this is really intriguing. I want to know more. This is where I'm confused.’ So these are the gaps I need to fill in which isn't anything to be [ashamed of"

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Peerdea is designed and built by collaborators at CMU HCII and Prototype PGH